HighMart Store opened its doors in June 2020, a place to offer grocery items for new Islanders or foreign workers looking for something from back home, the store imports many familiar and traditional snacks and grocery items from many countries.

HighMart Store brings our special product to a wider audience by shipping to customers from coast to coast.

Located at 175 Queen Street in Downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, HighMart provides local and international food and products from Canada, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Africa and the Dominican Republic – providing convenience and Indian Grocery items for our community. We also offer souvenirs, handicrafts and keepsakes from Bali, Vietnam and the DR.

Grab a paper, get some snacks, a few household essentials, pick up a loaf of bread or bring home some spices from our Indian Grocery. HighMart stocks fresh, frozen, on-the-go and halal products. Stop by at your convenience. The coffee is always on.

Groceries: HighMart Convenience Store carries all the necessities you 'd expect from your local corner store, and more. Stop by for Canadian & Indian Grocery items; household essentials; snacks to go; and more.

More and more people are seeking meat and poultry that adhere to halal standards, and HighMart Convenience Store is pleased to offer halal products in downtown Charlottetown.

Halal means “lawful”, and meat and poultry that are certified halal have been prepared according to clearly defined humane and sanitary guidelines. Look for the halal label on many of our products. If you have questions about whether or not something we carry is halal, please ask our staff.

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